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A Testimonial from Ary'el Tsion / Shalom Center

Susya, 18 August 2011 / 11 Iyyar 5771

Rabbijn Ahron Daum
Lamorinièrestraat 165
2018 Antwerpen / Anvers

Dear Rabbi Ahron Daum,

Hereby we want to thank you very much that you from 2006 till today regularly give lectures in Dordrecht (The Netherlands) and Antwerp (Belgium) for the Shalom Center for those who are interested to know more about Jewish philosophy, Jewish history, the Hebrew language and the Jewish religion.

We thank you very much for your effort to guide the many students who wished to become Jewish and whom we referred to you. With enthusiasm and deep knowledge you taught them to become knowledgeable Gerim/Giorot. All these students were accepted by an Orthodox Jewish Beit Din to become a part of the Jewish people. Their knowledge of the Jewish faith, the Jewish life, the Jewish prayers, Jewish history was of a very high standard. Also, their motivation to become Jewish was very convincing. Several of them now lead their life here in Eretz Israel as Jews in their Jewish homeland.

We thank you very much for the willingness, hospitality and enthusiasm with which you helped all those interested in the Jewish faith and religion. Like no other you welcomed them at your table for Shabbath and Moadim. You fulfill a unique role in preparing people for Gyur. You accompany them successfully on the road of learning Torah and Mitsves so they are able to sincerely take upon themselves the yoke of our Heavenly Father.

Thank you very, very much

With blessings of Torah and warm Shalom greetings.

אריאל ציון
Ary'el Tsion
Shalom Center / שלום סנטר
Susya, D.N. Har Hevron 90401
fax: +972 2 9605945
(mob) + 972 52 3003117

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