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A synoptic overview of the very active life of Prof. Rabbi Ahron Daum.

A synoptic overview of the very active life of Prof. Rabbi Ahron Daum.

My name is Rabbi Ahron Daum, I’m currently 60 years old and for these last 30 years I have been happily married to Mrs. Francine Daum. I’m the proud father of three daughters, two of them married, and the positively “kvelling” grandfather of three beautiful grandchildren.

I spent twelve years pursuing higher Jewish studies in several outstanding Talmudic academies (Yeshivot). I also attended the prestigious University of London (Jew’s College) where I received my Bachelors Degree with Honors (B.A.) in Jewish Studies in 1979. Then I went to America to continue my academic and rabbinical studies. On the academic side, I obtained a Masters degree (M.S.) in post-graduate biblical studies from the world-renowned Yeshiva University, New York, in 1981. On the rabbinical side, during the same period, I attended the rabbinical theological seminary of the aforementioned Yeshiva University in order to obtain my rabbinic ordination or “Semicha” which I received also in 1981 and was signed and presented to me by the late Dr. Rav. J.B. Soloveitcheik. Then finally in 1996, I was awarded with an honorary Professorship of Jewish Law (“Halacha”) from the Faculty for Comparative Religious Studies in Antwerp, Belgium.

I served as community rabbi in different Jewish communities throughout Central-and Western Europe and as such I’m also the Chief Rabbi Emeritus of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. For the past 17 years I have been residing in Antwerp and have been teaching Jewish Studies to students in state secondary schools and to adults in tertiary education. In addition to that I’m also actively involved in the field of Jewish Outreach which means I try to spread and promote Jewish learning and knowledge. Besides this I also teach Hebrew and Jewish studies to interested individuals.

I also have a lot of experience in guiding and assisting people on the often long and difficult road towards a conversion to Judaism, that is to say: to become fully fledged members of the Jewish faith and people according to the generally accepted standards and criteria of the Halacha. As such I was privileged to help a great number of people in obtaining the status of fully recognized Jews before respected and renowned Rabbinical Courts (“Batei Din”) from all streams and affiliations of Thora-observant Judaism.

My wife, Rebbetzin Mrs. Francine Daum, also attended several prestigious Jewish schools and has a degree in Jewish education from the famed “Machon Gold” College for Higher Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. She has a great deal of experience in teaching basic Hebrew and Judaism.

Living in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium most of my publications are of course in Dutch. As such I am a regular contributor to the prestigious and widely read Jewish monthly “Joods Actueel”. Currently, my columns focus on the social, cultural and religious developments in contemporary Judaism.

I am also the author of two books. My first book is “Halacha Aktuell”. In this two-volume work, written in German, I discuss a wide range of Halachic questions of contemporary interest. This book received approbations and high praise from a substantial number of great Rabbinic and Halachic authorities. Among these were the two former Chief Rabbis of the State of Israel and the former Chief Rabbi of the UK, the late Rabbi Dr. Lord Emmanuel Jacobowitz.

My second book is “Die Jüdischen Feiertagen in der Sicht der Tradition”. This is a two-volume anthology on the Jewish festivals and Sabbath and contains amongst other things: Chasidic folklore, witty stories, personal sermons and halachic discussions all relating to the Jewish festivals. (for more information on these books, please google my name: Ahron Daum)

As you can see, most of my publications are in Dutch, German (or mother tongue Hebrew) but I also fluently speak English, French and Yiddish.

To interested individuals and couples I offer a wide range of Jewish and Hebrew Studies on all levels. Among those subjects that I teach are:

Rabbinical and Jewish studies:
Reading and Comprehension of the Siddur
Jewish Prayer and Blessings
Biblical Studies
Jewish History
Other Jewish fields of interest

Biblical Hebrew
Rabbinic Hebrew
Modern Hebrew on all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced students

Preparing people for Giyur – conversion to Judaism – according to the standards and criteria of the Halacha.

I myself am a modern-orthodox and academically schooled Rabbi, with close ties and connections to several Rabbinical courts (Batei Din) of all Orthodox affiliations.

I also offer the possibility to take lessons via Skype. My Skype code is Hadassah4. This enables me to teach students from all over the world and as such I can pride myself on students from the UK, the USA and Eastern Europe.

My e-mail address is

My telephone- and fax number is: (0032) (0) 3 218 65 56
My mobile phone number is : (0032) (0) 486 520 330

I will happily answer all your questions concerning the courses that I offer and I would be honored indeed to be your mentor for Jewish studies, Hebrew and “Giyur” (conversion to Judaism).

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and with cordial Shalom-greetings

Professor Rabbi Ahron Daum, B.A. M.S.

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