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On request of many of our website visitors we are introducing a new service. You can now contact us directly by Skype, with no strings attached.

Just inform us on the nature of the question or enquiry you would like to discuss and we can then arrange, at a mutually agreeable time, a Skype meeting to hopefully provide you with an answer to your query.

We obviously can only provide this service if you have Skype installed on your computer and after you have sent us a Skype contact-request. The Skype account is hadassah4.

We are looking forward to talking to you.

The team of

Prof. Rabbi Ahron Daum, B.A. M.S.
L A M O R I N I E R E S T R A A T 165
2018 Antwerp

0032 3 218 65 56 (Home phone and fax) with the option to leave a message
0032 486 520 330 (Mobile)
Skype Adres: Hadassah 4

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