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List of Links of Jewish Interest.

Mr Aryel Tsion is the supervisor and maintainer of the website
He is assistant to the Chief Rabbinate of Israel concerning Department Giur/Conversion.
Those students who wish to make Giur at the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and subsequently make Aliyah to Israel are best advised to contact Mr Aryel Tsion.
He is also an expert in matters concerning Aliyah and will surely give you the best possible advice on those matters.
He speaks and reads fluently Dutch and English.

At the Ohel Abraham in Rotterdam, the Netherlands everybody, Jew and
non-Jew alike, is welcome for prayer services on Shabbat, lectures about
Judaism and classes for Bnei Noach. Feel free to contact for more information.

The website, its proprietors and contributors do not take any responsibility for the content of external websites to which we provide a link. The views expressed on those websites are not necessarily our own.
Those interested in spending some time in a religious kibbutz to learn more about Judaism and to witness its daily practice can contact my friend Mr. Boaz Schwartz, Moshav Hazorim, Doar Na, Galil Hatachton or on the e-mail address Those interested to study Judaism for a short period, a month or two, can contact the seminary of my good friend Mr. Aryel Tsion in Susya. This seminary specialises in preparatory courses for Giyur-candidates. He can be reached at the following e-mail address:

Those interested in living and studying in a Yeshiva or seminary (women) environment in Jerusalem for a short period can consult the followink link:

Nederlandse Websites:

Sites Francophones:

Websites in English:

Multilingual: ( Belgische consistorie) ( Beth-Din de Paris ) ( Beth-Din de Paris ) ( Beth Din of London ) ( Chief Rabinate of Israel )

International Book sellers of Jewish Interest:

Nederlandse Joodse Boekenhandels:

Librairies Juives:

Sellers of Jewish books in English:

Jewish music:

Jewish History: (Pre-Shoa Jewish life in Lublin, Poland photography gallery)

Kosher food:

Courses for Women: ( Cursussen Jodendom op niveau voor vrouwen )

Tourist sites of Jewish Interest: ( Joodse museum Mechelen) ( Joods Historisch Museum Amsterdam ) ( Anne Frank huis Amsterdam )

Judaica: ( Antiquariaat Judaica Boeken in alle talen ) ( Antiquariaat met Judaica afdeling op zoekterm )

Kosher lists: ( Kasjroet lijst Shomre Hadas) ( Kasjroet lijst Frankrijk ) ( Kasjroet lijsten wereldwijd )


Jewish Newspapers:
Joods Actueel: het prestigieuze joodse maandelijkse tijdschrift van Vlaanderen,7340,L-8,00.html

Jewish websites for Russian speaking people

German Judaica Publishing company in Zurich:
Mister Zelig:
Telephone numbers : 0041/ Mobile: 0041/78 616 59 19

Halachic recognised adult and child circumcision for the purpose of Giur, carried out by a reputable religious ‘Mohel’.

Dr. Henri (Zwi) Gyunberg, Brussels
Calling from abroad: 0032 475 74 1677
Calling from Belgium: 0475 74 1677
Dr. Henri Grynberg performs circumcision on children as well
adults. He is a very reputable and experienced ‘Mohel’ and is
‘Shomer Torah and Mitzvot’.

Mister Mordechai Tzvi Solomyansky
Tel: 0041 79324 8658
home line:0041 61535 1852
e-mail adres:
Mordechai Tzvi Solomyansky is the officially
recognized Mohel of the European Beith Din with
the Headquarters in Bazel, Switserland. He is a
very sought Mohel in Germany, Russia, Belarus
and Yemen. He is a great specialist for child
and adult circumcisions for Halachic Gyur He
speaks fluently English, German, Russian and

Mohel-Rabbi Raphaël Serfaty; (0032) 025210811
Chirurg Ovadia Bar-Moshe; (0032) 024779263
Rabbi Serfaty and Dr. Bar-Moshe reside in Brussels work
together and perform circumcisions on children and adults
according to the requirements of the Halacha.
They speak only French and Ivrit.

shidduch line: websites concerning shidduchim for people successfully have passed the Giyur
Agudas Yisroel Shidduchim project
tel nr.: 0044.203240117

Nederlands Israelitisch informatiecentrum:

E-mail Rav Daum:

Invitation network for Shabbat meals with Jewish Families all over the world:

(Kosher Antwerp) vital information about all aspects about Jewish life in Antwerp (click on the link to find more information)

(Kosher Amsterdam) vital information about all aspects about Jewish life in Amsterdam (click on the link to find more information)

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