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Have you always been looking for more information on Judaism? Or are you just starting on your exciting endeavor to learn more about the Jewish people, its faith and its heritage?

Whatever your Jewish background, expert or novice, we are happy to make your acquaintance. This website wants to serve as a meeting ground in virtual space for all those who wish to broaden their Jewish and Hebrew horizon.

First of all this website has been set up to help and guide everyone who desires to learn more about Judaism, Halachah, Talmud, Hebrew, Kabbalah, etc. ... . Secondly we intend it to function as a gateway for all those who aspire and desire to join the Jewish people and its faith. In principle, Judaism is an open faith, which means that it is possible for anyone to join it, regardless of his/her background and previous beliefs. On the other hand, however, Judaism does not actively engage in missionary activities. On the contrary, it puts very high demands and expectations on those who seek to become Jewish. Those wishing to do so, need a deep sense of perseverance and have to show a steadfast commitment to Judaism, free of ulterior motives.

Professor Rabbi Ahron Daum teaches students on an individual basis, or to couples, and is also a much demanded guest speaker.
Recently Rabbi Ahron Daum also received an entry on Wikipedia. It can be consulted following this link

We hope that you will find here what you are looking for and we look forward to hearing from you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have regarding our programmes of study.

Also, please keep checking our website on a regular basis. We are constantly adding new content of interest.

With cordial Shalom greetings

The team of “Best Jewish Studies”

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