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Some words of appreciation for my dear mentor Rabbi Ahron Daum, Shlita

Some words of appreciation for my dear mentor Rabbi Ahron Daum, Shlita

I came to Antwerpen from Ukraine and accidentally began to live in the Jewish neighbourhood. I was fascinated by the Jewish way of life and environment that I found myself in, for example: the respect for the Holy Shabbat and the Holy Days, the kosher food shops, the way Jewish mothers educate their children, the mutual respect between husband and wife and last but not least the peaceful nature of the Jewish people.
I felt myself attracted to this way of life and started understanding that this is the way I'd like to live the rest of my life as well. I decided to visit a prominent Rabbi in Antwerpen to see if he could assist me in converting to Judaism. I tried to explain my desire to become Jewish but I was ignored several times and was told that I don't need to convert and that it's better for me to continue my life as a gentile.
However I didn't give up and suddenly some of my Jewish friends told me about Rabbi Ahron Daum. I contacted him and a bit later we started studying together. He's teaching me the Jewish laws about Kashrut, Shabbat, the Jewish holidays, fluent reading of the Siddur in Hebrew, how to light the candles before Shabbat etc. He is teaching me everything with a lot of passion and I'm very lucky to have a teacher like Rabbi Ahron Daum.
I hope that, with the help of G-d, I will soon fullfill my dream to become a Jewish woman and live the rest of my life by the Jewish law and all this with the amazing help of my beloved teacher, Rabbi Ahron Daum.

Nathalie Vibla
October 26 - 2011

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