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Coming Home

Coming Home

My name is Batia and I am from the Eastern part of the Netherlands. About 8 years ago I visited Israel as a volunteer and for the first time in my live encountered Judaism. It immediately felt very natural and logical to me, as if it had always been a part of me.
After reading many books about Judaism and investigating it, I finally made the decisive choice to start a Giyur procedure according to the Halachic recuirements. I wanted to have the best teacher of Judaism that I could find. Maybe you have experienced it, but I do tend to get lost in the many subjects of Judaism if I only prepare by myself. The end result being that I get lost.
In my search of an authoritative teacher with an excellent reputation I found the website and contacted Rav Daum. I at once felt very welcome. I have now been studying with Rav Daum for 3 months and have already learned so much! I feel that I am making progress and advancing to become part of the Jewish faith and nation. Rav Daum is very patient and open-minded. Stern but fair. I would recommend Rav Daum to anybody who wants to study Judaism in the right way.

Batia Bat Sarah,
Zwolle, the Netherlands

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