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Essays and articles

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A. Letters of recommendation and approbation for my Halachic Work “Halacha Aktuell” (in Hebrew and European Languages)

B. 6 selected essays in German taken from Halacha aktuell

C. „Die jüdischen Feiertage in der Sicht der Tradition"

D. Iyyunim Bahalachah

new August 2015
Samples from our Giyur Syllabus Questionaire

Thirteen Principles of Maimonides

Conversion to Judaism
English version

‘Chinuch’, Religious Jewish Education for Children

new March 2014
Queen Shabbat: Israel’s partner
English version

English version

new October 2014
Protection of Animals in Judaism
Keeping animals as pets

new November 2014
Tefillin: The Divine Ornaments of the Hebrews
Black is Beautiful

new August 2014
Mezuzah’: Divine Identity par Excellence of the Hebrews
English version

new August 2014
Tzitzit: The Divine Garment of the Hebrews.
Blue and White are My Colours.

new November 2014
Tzniut: Modesty in Behaviour and Dress
Dress code for Men and Women
in Religious Judaism

new February 2015
On the position of women in Judaism

new February 2015
Biblical and Jewish art from the Renaissance till the present time

New complete essay July 2015
Sport and Halacha subdivided into four independent parts

Rabbi Joseph Baer Soloveitchik
English version

Rabbi Avraham Yeshayahu Karelitz
English version

Conversion to Judaism
French version

new August 2014
Chinuch – Chinuch’= Éducation religieuse des enfants et des jeunes Juifs
French version completed

new Decembre 2014
“Chabbat version Française”


Conversion to Judaism
Dutch version

new July 2014
Praxis of Giyur in Israel, Europe and United States.
Fictive and non-Halachic Giyurim
Dutch version

New Sept. 2014
(Dutch version)
Pluraliteit in het Jodendom
Verschillende stromingen van het hedendaagse Jodendom

new Jan. 2014
Chinuch - Dutch version

new Jan. 2014
Koningin Sjabbat: Israël’s partner

Kasjroet – de Joodse levenswijze van eten in de Rabbijnse literatuur

new April 2014
‘Levende Water – Mikveh’
Dutch version

new May 2014
‘Tefillah’: Dienst van het Hart

Beth Ha'knesset


new June 2014
Tu Bishvat

new July 2014
‘Lag Ba’Omer in the rabbinical Literature’
Dutch version

Sociaal, religieus en cultureel overzicht van de ontwikkeling van het Jodendom
Professor Ahron Daum

Pilaren van Torah en Ethiek in de laatste Generaties

Pilaren van Torah en ‘kiruv--outreach’ in de laatste Generaties

Kroniek van een Nederlandse Rabbijnenfamilie in de 20e eeuw

De Schriftelijke Leer

new NOV. 2014
De Joodse begraafplaatsen in Putte Nederlands

new March 2017
Chevra Kadisha: De Uniciteit van het Joodse Begrafeniswezen

new Feb. 2014
The History of Jews in Latvia (Dutch)

new Nov 2015
The History of the Bulgarian Jews

Kantonisten en Subotniks in Tsaristisch en Sovjet-Rusland

Joodse bezienswaardigheden in Europa - oost en west

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Click on the picture for the Dutch E-Book 'Rav Kook' to read online

Click on the picture for the Dutch E-Book 'Rabbi Joseph Ber Soloveitchik' to read online

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