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Ha Tikva

Ha Tikva

~~~~As long is within our hearts the Jewish soul sings, as long as forward to the East to Zion, looks the eye – our hope is not yet lost ~~~~~ Verse from the Israeli National Anthem based on Ezekiel 37:11.

As children from a secular background who grow up in a non religious environment, we would like to share some things about our spiritual development and our deep desire to be part of the Jewish people. Due to certain events in our lives it has become clear to us that ratio or logic by itself are not sufficient. We have, to use a colloquial expression, “ seen the light”, and realised that our life was based on the wrong assumptions, rather than on the truth of Hashem and the instructions of the Tora. This insight goes far beyond all secular theories and philosophies with which we grew up. During our pursuit of truth we discovered that our spiritual desires needed a certain structure or foundation, as without it, it becomes woolly and inadequate. So why choose Judaism?
During a few years we visited some shuls in the Netherlands and discovered that Judaism doesn’t have a system of dogmas in which you have to believe to be accepted as a member of the community, except the absolute unity and indivisibility of Hashem. By building a strong bond and personal relationship with Hashem and by doing that which He desires from us, we have noticed that our life has become more structured and therefore happier and fulfilled. As we live in a small village without a Jewish community, listening to shiurs of orthodox rabbis online and reading books has been the means through which we created more insight and knowledge.
In recent years we have adopted with a lot of love and pleasure, in addition to the seven Noachid commands, more and more mitsvot. We experience it as a particularly great privilege to be a servant of Hashem and we are very grateful that Prof. Daum is assisting and guiding us during this process. We believe that human beings can create an ideal society by their own efforts and good deeds ,not suddenly, but as a process. This message of hope is a valuable and irreplaceable idea within Judaism, one that appeals to us very much. This Messianic thought symbolizes an ideal society which will become reality one day.

Besides these motifs, the discovery of Jewish ancestry has encouraged us to pursue the right direction towards giur. Whereas our Jewish ancestors were forced to convert and be baptized, we hope to reverse this direction, voluntarily and out of love for Hashem so as to - with the help of Hashem -return to the people of our ancestors.

B”H this is our deepest wish, desire and hope!

T & EB
Bergen op Zoom
First of Kislev 5776
13th of November

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