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Hear a voice is calling: Pave for the eternal a way through the desert

Hear a voice is calling: Pave for the eternal a way through the desert
When the Israeli people, had taken the exodus from Egypt, under the guidance of Moshe, they received the Thora on mount Sinai. God promised them the land Kanaan, if they would live according to his law. To be free from slavery and suffering, and to reach the promised land, they wandered around for 40 years through the desert.
For 41 years I have ignored my inner conviction, the voice from inside and consciously set it aside at times. I have lived and still live a good life and did not feel the need to move my mind. My own inability to give a rational meaning to this inner conviction/call made me fail to follow up on it. Therefore I missed the directions to walk a path, to reach my destination in this life. Without getting acquainted with my moral obligations to choose for good thoughts, good words and good deeds, I realize with complete conviction, that in this life I will once more consciously return to my source. In the hope that when my life ends here, I can join the original source of all.
Without being able to ask critical questions, without hesitation, without review or reservation, I want to follow my inner conviction/voice to come out for the Jewish faith. When I chose to no longer ignore the voice from the depths of my soul, and just listen to it carefully, I was immediately filled with a sense of reassurance and strength.
I realize that no one in my social environment is religious. No one told me about Hashem. Nevertheless I always knew he is there and I always felt his presence. My inner conviction has served me as a moral compass and inspired me to make right choices. This is partly why I had such a good life so far.
After having made enough miles in my life, made enough mistakes and taken enough human pitfalls, my soul enriched with grateful life lessons, I am now ready for my own exodus. I look forward to the journey and transformation of my soul. I’m going to make the greatest commitment in this life with LEV.
I discover a willingness in myself to do the necessary, to relinquish, undergo, to overcome and to undergo all that’s needed to reach my destination.
I am currently regularly following lessons by Rav Daum. Thankful I am for Rav Daum to be willing to guide me on this difficult path. He is optimistic that I can reach my destination.
Amsterdam, 02-08-2017

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