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In Judaism, there are 613 commandments and prohibitions; and The Talmud says that the chief commandment of all is to study Torah

“In Judaism, there are 613 commandments and prohibitions; and The Talmud says that the chief commandment of all is to study Torah - Norman (Nachum) Lamm (born 1927)

My name is Hans Weygers, 25 years old, and at this point I follow “Shiur” with Rav Ahron Daum for three years. My motivation for taking a “Shiur” course with Rav Ahron Daum started thanks to my ex-girlfriend. I was 16 years old (in 2006) and I had a long-distance relationship with a beautiful girl in Poland. She claimed to be of Jewish descent and she advised me to consult a Rabbi.

I did not follow her advice immediately. Time passed by and my curiosity grew so I first asked for introduction lessons Judaism from Rav Ahron Daum (in 2012). Rav Ahron Daum was fully booked and therefore I followed “Shiur” with his wife, Rebbetzin Francine Daum. I learned how to read the “Aleph Bet” and received an introduction lesson about the basics of “Kashrut”. In December 2012, I continued my “Shiur” with Rav Ahron Daum himself and learned about the Jewish festivals and the “Halacha” and how to “daven” from the “Siddur”.

Rav Ahron Daum asked me to write a few essays about the Antwerp Jewish Cemetries in Putte-Woensdrecht, the Netherlands. This included the Jewish history and the current condition of the historic Synagogue of Heide-Kalmthout, Belgium. Heide-Kalmthout is a neighbouring village of Gooreind-Wuustwezel where I currently live. Other essays I wrote on initiation of Rav Ahron Daum were “Biblical and Jewish art from the Renaissance till the present time”, 3 of 4 sections on “Sport and Halacha” and the first part of “Astrology within Judaism”.

In the beginning of 2013 my long-distance relationship with my ex-girlfriend ended and this took a heavy emotional toll. After a few consultations with a physician and a psychotherapist I concluded to continue my “Shiur”. I had only been briefly absent and thanks to the continuation of my “Shiur” I received support from Rav Ahron Daum.

I got more attracted to the beauty of Judaism and besides my theoretical study I wanted to experience the practical side. Therefore I asked the Rabbi whether it was possible to celebrate “Shabbat”. Rav Ahron Daum replied to my request with the offer to visit his place each “Shabbat”. So in 5775 (2014-2015) I celebrated every “Shabbat” with the family Daum. When I progressed “davening” the “Shacharit” prayers, I went with the Rabbi to the Synagogue of the Retirement home, Antwerp.

Currently I am trying to purchase an apartment in the heart of the Jewish neighbourhood in the city of Antwerp. I am planning to consult a physician in preparations for my circumcision after I have moved to my new place of living. I look with confidence to the future, of course with the support and lessons of my mentor and teacher Rav Ahron Daum.

Hans Weygers, Wuustwezel, Belgium
November 17, 2015
5 Kislev 5776

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