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My circumcision for giyur and becoming part of the covenant

14th of Adar, 5777
12th of March, 2017

My circumcision for giyur and becoming part of the covenant.
Since early 2015 I follow impressive and instructive classes in Halacha and reading of Siddur by Rav Ahron Daum, Shlita, in Antwerp. Because of my orthodox halachic Jewish grandfather and ancestors I have had a conscious and unconscious bond with “Am Israel” and Hashem my whole life. Because of the excellent help and teachings of Rav Ahron Daum, I was enabled to read Siddurim and develop a deep understanding of the Halachic subjects Kashrut, Shabbat and Yom Tov within half a year. Because of this my bond with “Am Israel” and God has been deeply strengthened. In order to fulfill one of the most important mitzvot to become halachically Jewish I wanted to proceed with my covenant of circumcision for Giyur as soon as possible. Rav Ahron Daum, Shlita, gave me notice to help me under the condition that he carefully had to consider my request first. After very careful considerations he got me in contact with the very well respected and recognized Mohel Dr. H. Grynberg in Brussels.
After a couple of telephone conversations with Dr. H. Grynberg we planned a weekend to carry out the covenant of circumcision for Giyur by the end of 2015. Dr. H. Grynberg has his own general practice and performs circumcisions in a specialist practice. The knowledge and practice of Mohel and circumcision has been passed from generation to generation in his family. Dr. H. Grynberg informed me very well about the required preparations, the circumcision procedure itself and the required after care. The required preperations are to organize transport to Brussels and accommodation nearby the circumcision clinic. It is important to bring kosher food yourself as it is not well available in Brussels. The operation itself was finalized within one hour, but after 24 hours Dr. H. Grynberg has to carry out an inspection. It is not recommended to drive a car yourself the day after the circumcision. In my case it was very workable to take the train back to the Netherlands. Dr. H. Grynberg also gave very clear instructions for the after care including bandage, painkillers and hygiene. He also was very well available by phone to guide me in the care in the weeks after. In a couple of weeks the healing of the wound was finalized.
My covenant of circumcision for Giyur was completed. I fulfilled one of the earliest mitzvot that Hashem required from our partriarch Abraham. I had accomplished one of the biggest steps in my process for Giyur and to become Jewish.

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