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My long road to a Halachically recognised Giyur


My long road to a Halachically recognised Giyur.

I would very much like to thank Rabbi Ahron Daum, Shlit''a for the lessons that he has given me over the past few years. For people that are interested in Giyur, Judaism or the Hebrew language, I can highly recommend studying with Rabbi Ahron Daum. When I had decided to convert to Judaism, I first went to Israel for half a year to study basic Hebrew. It is important during every Giyur process, to keep studying and practicing the language of the Torah and of our Holy Writings. After this I affiliated myself with a few non-Orthodox communities in the Netherlands. During that time I gained a lot of knowledge. I also met people like myself who were looking for Jewish spirituality and who wanted to join the Jewish Faith. Through these people I heard about Rabbi Daum. Seven years ago I visited a lecture organised by Rabbi Daum in the Dutch city of Dordrecht for the first time. These lectures are still being organised by Rabbi Daum for interested people, twice a year, now in his residence in Antwerp. I advice people who read this and who are interested, to visit such a lecture, because these lectures are always about interesting subjects, or people, that have to do with Torah Faithful Judaism. I found ''Orthodox Judaism'' more appealing than other ''liberal or reform'' groups, because I wanted to practice the Torah in a consistent way. By denying the ''Oral Tradition'', it is impossible to practice the “Written Torah” in a coherent way. Three and a half years ago, I started to take lessons on a regular basis with Rabbi Daum. We studied most of the Halachic topics. I also studied reading the Siddur and the other liturgical prayer-books with Rabbi Daum. So now I know the prayers and I can easily follow the prayers in Synagogue. Three years ago I moved from the Netherlands to Antwerp, Belgium. In the Netherlands, outside of Amsterdam, it is practically impossible to live according to Halachah, because there is no Jewish religious infrastructure there. In Antwerp, I have accompanied Rabbi Daum to different synagogues on Shabbat mornings. So I have become very much acquainted with the diversity in Torah committed Judaism in Antwerp. Rabbi Daum and his family have invited me many times for the Shabbat and Chaggim meals, for example for the Pesach Seder and in their Sukkah during the Festival of Sukkoth. I will IY''H complete my Giyur process soon. Everyone who is doing Giyur, needs to find there own way. Rabbi Daum, with his profound knowledge and long experience, is a good mentor to start your process with and in due time to finish with as a Jewish person with an Halachically recognised Giyur.

20 Tevet, 5775 (11 januari 2015)
811ste Yahrzeit van Maimonides (1138 - 1204)

D.R. Antwerpen, Belgium

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