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Our Advice for all Gyur Candidates: Beware of Hypocrites and Crooks!

Our Advice for all Gyur Candidates:

Beware of Hypocrites and Crooks!


25 Tishrei 5774

29 September 2013

In this letter of appreciation we would like to tell you our story regarding Gyur and how we came to know Rav Ahron Daum, Shlita and study with him for preparation of Gyur proceedings.

Our first introduction to Rav Ahron Daum was a year ago with the help of HaRav HaGaon Dayan AviShalom Kalazan, Shlita, Chief Rabbi of the Georgian Community in Antwerp. Rabbi AviShalom Kalazan, Shlita heard our frustrating and agonizing story.

My wife, Yelena, decided one and a half year ago to do a Halachic recognized Gyur and become Jewish. She always wanted and inspired to be Halachically Jewish.

An Israeli friend of us heard about it and introduced us to a so-called 'orthodox rabbi' in Jerusalem who presented himself as a 'competent rabbi' who could help us with the Gyur-proceeding and do all the necessary steps in an appropriate way in order to achieve my wife's desired goal.

After a period of studying of four months with a 'rabbi' we have met regularly, going occasionally to Israel to meet with him, he told us that I am ready for the final steps before becoming Halachically Jewish.

My wife, Yelena, went for a meeting with three other 'rabbis' for Gyur examination, it was of course a 'fake Beth Din'. Later she immersed in a Mikva in the presence of the three 'rabbis' (fake Beth Din). They deceived us and made us believe that we finished the proceedings for the Gyur and that my wife is now' Jewish' and everything seemed at time good and legitimate.

We've been told by the 'fake Beth Din' that we will get married Jewishly with a 'Chupa' after elapsing of 90 days from the time of immersing in the Mikva and so we followed their instructions.

A so-called 'Chuppa' was instigated and honestly it was a beautiful Wedding Day for us with the two 'fake rabbis' playing a major role in an illegitimately 'Chuppa'.
After returning to Antwerp, Belgium and starting to deal with the task of registering ourselves as a married couple, we unfortunately found out that the 'conversion' was not recognized by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and consequently the marriage also was invalid; we were a victims of a scam . My wife, Yelena, took it hard and it was a great setback in her natural trust of religious Orthodox people. It was very difficult to believe that so called 'religious' people are capable of doing and deceiving in this obviously 'fake manner' and not to speak about the horrendous some of money we lost with this escapade...

After realizing that there is nothing legally we can do in this matter, we went to the local Jewish Georgian Community to get help and support and then we got recommended to start study with Rav Ahron Daum, Shlita.
Rav Ahron Daum teaches both of us Tefillot and Halacha , reading the Hebrew of the Siddur in the right & traditional way, talking about our Jewish roots and stressing specifically the domains of Shabbat, Festivals and Kashrut.
We are happy we got to know a Rabbinic personality who is gladly teaching us a lot about our Faith and religious life, clarifying for us things we already know and things that we thought we knew, but correcting us and putting the things in the right light
He is also an Authority on many other fields and we know we can ask him for advice in personal private matters and get an honest answer with always a personal touch and care. We are sure that his dedication to Judaism, the Jewish Community and Israel will not go unnoticed on us and he will surely prepare us adequately for the Gyur-proceedings which will be recognized by an authoritative recognized Halachic Beth Din

Rav Ahron Daum is a very respected Rabbinical personality within the Jewish Community in Antwerp and on the European Continent and in Israel.

May Hashem bless him and his family with long years and health and wish him freshness of mind and physical vitality,
Ad Me'a Ve' Essrim,

With a cordial Shalom and best wishes for a 'Chodesh Tov'

Yael & Guy Yehuda

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