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My Rabbi, understanding, helpful, concerned and funny ...


11 Kislev 5774
14 november 2013

My Rabbi, understanding, helpful, concerned and funny ...

I know Rabbi Daum for about four months now.
From the first moment I contacted Rabbi Daum , my first impression was immediately right.

On the 7th of July 2013, I’ve send a comprehensive e-mail to Rabbi Daum about myself, containing
my desire and motivation to become Jewish.
To my great surprise, I immediately got a response. Previously I didn’t experienced a quick response
like that, by Rabbis that I have approached in Netherlands. I 've spent months trying to find contact
with certain rabbis for several times. Most of the time I received a reaction a few weeks later, which
was often also very terse or unsatisfactory.
But the reaction of Rabbi Daum was extremely understanding and helpful.
These two features characterize Rabbi Daum .

On the 21st of July 2013, Rabbi Daum invited me at his home for an initial interview. I was warmly
received and we had a nice conversation.
We then decided to start with two hours of classes a week, through Skype. One hour reading from
the Siddur and one hour tutorial on all facets of Judaism. From Kashrut and Shabbat, to all aspects of
the Jewish holidays.
The lessons are educational, but also very nice. Rabbi Daum has a good sense of humor and teaches
me a lot in a pleasant way.
I feel that Rabbi Daum fully supports me and is willing to help me to fulfill my desire to become a true
Jewish woman, according the laws of the Torah.

Rabbi Daum says I am always more than welcome on Shabbat and holidays.
If I want to come by myself, he arranges someone who will support and guide me in Antwerp.
Unfortunately I'm not always able to go to Antwerp, but that’s also something he understands.

In the Netherlands, the Rabbis are not exactly waiting with open arms to welcome me in shul for
example . Thanks to Rabbi Daum I have found an Orthodox Synagogue in the Netherlands (AMOS)
with a very friendly and open Rabbi (Menachem Sebbag), where I do feel welcome and where I also
learn a lot.
Rabbi Daum also draws my attention to Jewish events that may be of interest to me.

Rabbi Daum is not only involved in my learning process, but also private. I can discuss pretty much
anything with him and he supports me even in difficult times.
For example, some time ago, my father suddenly had a heart attack.
I then got some very sweet, supporting e-mails from Rabbi Daum . He also prayed for the health of
my father , that did me good .
Each lesson again he asks about my health and the health of the people around me.

Where my way to become Jewish first seemed a bit hopeless, I now look hopeful to a bright future,
because I know that Rabbi Daum stands behind me and will always do!

By: Maria/Tamar

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