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A Lebanese Woman engaged long Time with Judaism approaches Rabbi Ahron Daum, Shlita, to help her with the Gyur process

17 Kislev 5774
20 November 2013
A Lebanese Woman engaged long Time with Judaism approaches Rabbi Ahron Daum, Shlita, to help her with the Gyur process.

My name is Juliah Parnos. I was born to a christian family in Lebanon. Since the death of my dear late mother of blessed memory, I am fully engaged with the notion of becoming Jewish.
I found the Jewish Belief and the People of Israel as the only authentic and true religion and I would like wholeheartedly with no ulterior motives be part of the Jewish Faith and the People of Israel.
First, I would like to thank Rabbi Ahron Daum for inviting me to join the Jewish Community of Antwerp during the High Holydays and Sukkot, which would have been almost impossible for me to spend in Lebanon without attending Synagogue.
Rabbi Ahron Daum has kindly arranged for me a welcoming, loving family to host me during these highly important Holydays, of Rosh Ha’Shanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and the last days of Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah I am very grateful for the kind hospitality and generosity which the Schultz family has offered me; it was a new and very nice religious experience, which was my first ‘baby-steps’ in joining the large Jewish Community in Antwerp. Good to have known and to appreciate the Shultz family.
Rabbi Ahron Daum is a highly respectable and knowledgeable ‘Rav’ in the field of conversion to Torah-loyal Judaism; he has many years of experience, a solid background, and is a ‘perfectionist’.
He is a highly ethical Rabbi, who states clearly and courageously the errors of other Torah non-faithful streams of Judaism. He has a peace of mind and states his thoughts straight and upfront.
I came to Rabbi Ahron Daum, with theoretical Jewish background which I gained by learning with Rabbi Chaim Coffman from Israel (via Skype) for a couple of years. These lessons of Judaism were very risky for me, because I had to connect to Israel. As everybody knows, Lebanon is in a state of war with Israel; I have put all my trust in HaShem. I am very grateful to Rabbi Chaim Coffman for his very well organized ‘Shiurim’(Torah-lessons), and his generous consideration of my precarious financial situation.
I have also taught myself the Hebrew ‘Alphabet’ and started practicing the prayers of the Siddur on my own in an autodidactic manner; of course the internet and social network played a very important role in my Jewish Studies. A special cordial and warm thanks to my facebook friends, and to the Web-Yeshiva teachers and Rabbis.
Rabbi Ahron Daum gave me the opportunity to experience an Torah-loyal Jewish lifestyle, to attend ‘Beth Knesset’ (synagogue), meet Jewish converts, encounter Jewish people, and being able to eat kosher food, which is plentiful available here in Antwerp. Being here in Antwerp living Jewish openly that is as important as theoretical knowledge.
Learning about Judaism is a life-long process. One cannot in the span of one’s lifetime learn all aspects and facets of Judaism. Orthodox and Torah-loyal Judaism is a self-conscious identification. This is how I do identify myself consciously.
I hereby kindly ask Rabbi Ahron Daum to guide me through my final stage of conversion according to the Halachic requirements that I succeed at the Beth Din proceedings and be accepted as a Jewess and finally go to the ‘Mikvah’, receiving hereby a new Jewish identity and be certified as a Jewess officially recognized from a Halachic point of view.
Moreover, here today I would like to promise before HaShem and my dear Rabbis and all the readers of this testimonial to live a moral Torah-loyal Jewish life to the best of my capabilities. This is my pledge, may it be valid all my life.
To everyone who helps me through my conversion directly or indirectly, I express warm and cordial thanks. To you, dear Rabbi Ahrhon Daum, who has given me this chance to express and to proof myself, I am grateful and full of words of thanks to you.
I am most thankful of course to ‘Ha’Kadosh Baruch Hu’ (The Almighty), may His love always shine upon us, and His compassion towards mankind never cease.
May we live in peace and prosperity.

May Ha’Shem bless you Rabbi Ahron Daum and your beloved family with health, wealth, and a long fruitful life, to lead more ‘perplexed’ and truth- searching souls to the faithful and genuine service and worship of the ONE and only G-d of Israel.
G-d bless you!!!
With best wishes for a Chag Chanukkah Sameach and Chag Orim Sameach,
Sincerely and respectfully,
Jewliah Parnos, Antwerp (previous Lebanon)

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