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The scandalous attitude of the NIK towards potential Gerim, from the perspective of a Persian of Jewish ancestry

After many years of dispersion and persecution of Jews and all the consequences that have gone hand in hand with it, we all know that it is hard for many of us to prove our Jewish roots on paper. What is left sometimes is merely some vague memories and traditions passed on and the emotional attachment to Judaism and the G’d of Israel. This might also be said to be the case in my situation, if I try to keep the story short. I believe that the best way to heal the wounds of history is not only to look back and be stuck in the past but to look and move forward and to (re-) build which was destroyed in the past based on what we have learnt from it. However, it is not always easy to do this on your own if you are not the only one being affected by the unwanted events of history. For rebuilding your future and that of the coming generations you are, beside your own efforts, dependent on, among others, the community you belong to. In this case, if you attempt to restore what has been lost in the course of time, that is, your Jewish roots, you need the help of your fellow Jews in general and the Rabbi’s in particular. Thusly you can turn back to the G’d of Israel, marry, build a (new) Jewish family and raise your children Jewishly. Besides that, it is also important to contribute to the future of both Judaism and Israel which, I believe, is more than necessary in our current world and in the way it is going to look like in the future. This is also my personal priority and goal but in the Netherlands the Jewish community in general and the Rabbinate in particular are not willing to help you on this path. I dare to say that based on my own personal experience, as an Iranian refugee of Jewish extraction, that the Dutch Rabbinate not only does not help you but even tries to prevent you to undergo a Giúr. This is why I would advice those in the same situation and with the same goals as I have not to chose this option which actually leads nowhere. But of course I don’t want to discourage anyone but just to help you if you are in the same position as I am. In this regard, I would like to advice you wholeheartedly to take your first actual steps on this path by starting Shiurim (lectures) with Rabbi Ahron Daum who can lead you to your ultimate goal of becoming a Jew. Rabbi Ahron Daum is the modern-orthodox rabbi you might have dreamed of; the one who with a lot of wisdom and knowledge takes your hand and walks with you step by step on this path to your Giúr. Based on my own experience, he does not only teach you the Halakha (Jewish Laws) according to the only pure school in Judaism, that is orthodoxy, but he also goes beyond the laws and, thus, opens your eyes to the real meaning and essence of G’d’s commandments. However, Shiurim with Rabbi Ahron Daum are beyond words and I would suggest you to consider it seriously so you can experience it yourself.
Gino A. from the Netherlands

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