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Eliana from Paris, a successful gioret from the prestigious Beit Din of Rav M. Rottenberg, shlita.

Paris 3 Av 5771
August 3 2011

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Rabbi Ahron Daum for being a kind mentor in Halacha and Jewish morality. He is not just a mentor, but rather a father who cares about his children, a philosopher and guide: all gathered into one person. Every word of his lessons spiritually enriched my soul. He also gave me sound advice inspired by the wisdom of life and the Halacha.
The care and warmth he shows to his students is without limits, making him approachable spiritual father figure with whom one can share all of ones concerns and unanswered questions.
I am deeply grateful to Hashem that I had Rabbbi Ahron Daum as a mentor, as he was able to enrich my spirituality and knowledge of Judaism.
I thank him again for his wonderful teaching, which BzH it can be useful for other students who are longing for the light of Judaism and for a connection with Hashem..

Eliana from Paris

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