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A testimonial from a zionistcaly-minded husband and wife who plan to make Aliyah to Israel

Serious and encouraging guidance on your way to giur according to the halacha. It really does exist, we discovered two years ago!
We happened to know a lady, whom we had met in a synagoge, who told us she was following lessons with Rabbi Ahron Daum in Antwerp. She knew about our wish to convert and was willing to introduce us to him. We were (and still are) so thankful she did.
We were invited by Rav Ahron Daum for a first meeting at his house, in order to discuss on a personal level where we stand, what our expextations were and so on.
The honesty of Rav Ahron Daum about what we could and could not expect immediately gave us a feeling of trust and we started taking weekly lessons.
We appreciate very much his individualised approach, his knowledge and patience, his wise advice and the respect we experience in the way Rabbi Ahron Daum is guiding us all along this process. We are strengthened by the fact that we got the opportunity also, to meet other students of Rav Ahron Daum; among them those who already successfully completed their giurprocess and who are now accepted members in orthodox communities.
We are very grateful for finally having met someone who is willing and able to guide us in making progress in regard to our deepest inner wish to live a Jewish life, to be under the wings of the Shechinah.

Hendrik and Heleen from the Netherlands

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