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A long-standing student of Hebrew and Judaism form Finland.

When I first became interested in Judaism I started to read books about it but quickly got lost in the abundance of literature. At that time I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Rabbi Ahron Daum, and began studying with him. It has really opened the Jewish world for me. During the past 3 years I've learned to read Hebrew pretty well, something I feel I wouldn't have learned this quickly and this well without his help. My Hebrew understanding has increased a lot and I've started to understand things here and there and read simple sentences and even short texts. Before studying with Rabbi Ahron Daum my knowledge about Judaism was very basic, but with his help I've been able to learn more than any book could teach me and get into the specifics wherever I chose. Amongst other things we've studied Halacha and Jewish holidays. I've also been invited to celebrate some Jewish holidays which gave me so much more insight into Judaism than I could get by just reading about it. I look forward every week to study with Rabbi Ahron Daum and to get a bit of Judaism in my life.

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