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The decision to become Jewish is not an easy one.

30th of March 2011


The decision to become Jewish is not an easy one. You leave behind the known for the unknown. In such a time it is essential to have a teacher who guides you step by step. Such a teacher is Rabbi Ahron Daum. He knows what will be expected of you. He will push you forward, and at the same time take into consideration the many changes and difficulties that will come your way. Step by step, and at your pace, he will guide you through the different stages that will prepare you for giyur.
Rabbi Ahron Daum’s lessons are interesting, and challenging. You will learn how to properly read Hebrew, become familiar with Judaism, Halacha, customs and daily life, and you will learn about Jewish holidays, history and philosophy.
You will see that the lessons will help you create a Jewish daily life for yourself, including keeping Shabbat and Kashrut, and they will help you prepare thoroughly for your giyur.

T.B.J.W. from the Netherlands

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