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A respectful recommendation for Professor Rabbi Ahron Daum, BA, MS.


12 December 2011
16 of Kislev, 5772

It is by no means an easy feat for one to aspire to convert to Judaism, especially if he or she happens to come from a tiny Mediterranean Island with a Jewish Community which totals less than eighty persons, lacking also the services of a Rabbi. Against such odds, only sheer will and determination to become part of the tent of Israel, motivates you to strive forward in your quest.

It so happened that whilst spending a sabbatical in the village of Susya, in Israel, last August, it was pointed out to me that an Orthodox giyur could still be possible, even in my case, through the engagement of the services offered by renowned Rabbi, Professor Ahron Daum. No moment was spared to contact Rabbi Daum in Antwerp where a schedule for a two-hour weekly shiur was soon agreed upon.

I have now been following Rabbi Daum’s weekly personal lessons for the past four months. Rabbi Daum is very professional in his approach, flexible as well as patient. I can only attest that during this short time, I have made great improvement in reading Hebrew even though I have started from scratch. Rabbi Daum also skillfully guides you to gradually climb the rungs of Halacha in your preparation to become a fully-fledged Orthodox Jew. There is no doubt that Rabbi’s Daum’s expertise and guidance in the field is invaluable to all those seeking to embrace Jewish Orthodoxy. Recently, I also had the occasion to meet Rabbi Daum personally in Antwerp where I was warmly welcomed at his house. I am honoured to say that I have met a kind, passionate and dedicated professional who has instilled confidence in me and in my journey towards Judaism. With his particular style of teaching, Rabbi Daum attempts to elicit the best out of you so that when, Bezrat Hashem, the time comes, you would be able to face your Bet Din, well prepared.

I personally do recommend Professor Ahron Daum to every prospective Orthodox Jewish convert.

Mario Spiteri from Malta

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