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In tribute to my esteemed teacher Rabbi Ahron Daum, Shlita

In tribute to my esteemed teacher Rabbi Ahron Daum, Shlita

To Whom It May Concern,

Rabbi Daum helped us throughout the conversion process of to Judaism 'Giyur' of my wife.

We were first recommended to meet Rabbi Daum by our community Rabbi. Soon after our initial meeting we started our Giyur lessons. What struck us first was the comprehensive and meticulous syllabus put together by Rabbi Daum. The syllabus is well divided into different subject of Judaism and each part has detailed questions which are used as a guideline for the lessons.

Rabbi Daum is very devoted to his work and ensures he goes through all the questions in his syllabus as many times as needed until the subject is understood. Rabbi Daum showed great patience and never gave up in spite of the numerous revisions we had to make.

Once we arrived to the final examination we were fully prepared and confident we had enough knowledge. The examining Rabbis were very pleased from our recommendation letter from Rabbi Daum. One of them even commented: “This is a supreme recommendation letter. I have not seen such a letter in any other ‘Giyur’ case”. I am sure the letter had a big part in us passing the exam during our first attempt.

In my opinion, Rabbi Daum differentiates from other teachers as he’s not afraid of tackling difficult questions. He’s open to talk about sensitive issues and give his point of view as a Rabbi. Throughout our learning process it was important for Rabbi Daum not only to teach us the needed material in order to eventually pass the ‘Giyur’ exams but more importantly to give us a better taste of Jewish life as a whole.

The ‘Giyur’ process is very long. Rabbi Daum did not give up on us at any point and remained positive and supportive throughout the whole process. I don’t think we would have been able to go through it without the help of the Rabbi.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rabbi Daum once again for all his help and support.

Sincerely yours,


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