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A Message from Slovenia about my teacher Rabbi Ahron Daum, shlita

After so many years I still don´t have an answer to question why I chose Judaism or why I want to live Jewishly. This question seems quite an easy one, but I simply don´t have an answer to it. I still remember my beginnings at the end of primary school when I was abouth fifteen years old. Today I am thirty years old . I came from the small city just on the Slovene-Hungarian border, which used to have a dynamic Jewish community before the Shoah. Somehow I started to read about the Jewish people, Judaism and Israel. I must say that from the very start I knew:«This is my home, this is the way I want to live.« A few years later I visited Israel. Immediately after my arrival at Ben Gurion airport I felt at home. Since then I have visited Israel many times and I made many friends there. I also see Israel as my future homeland, the homeland of the Jewish people.
There was quite a long way between the wish to become Jewish on the one hand and to start an organized and systematic learning-process in prearation for Giyur. Baruch Hashem I found Rabbi Ahron Daum, shlita, in Antwerp. He is a mentor everyone could wish for, an excellent guide through Judaism. A modern orthodox Rabbi with very high standards and a very good judge of charachter. His lessons are on an individual basis, so everyone can organize his/her time according to his/her wishes. The lessons I take are via Skype which is an additional advantage for those that don´t live in places with a viable Jewish community. Preparation for Giyur also includes correctly reading from the Siddur. At this stage I also have to mention Mrs. Francine Daum, the Rabbi´s wife, who alse teaches me to read the Siddur correctly and fluently.
I would warmly recommed Rabbi Ahron Daum and Mrs. Francine Daum to everyone who has a sincere wish to convert to Judaism in a Hallachic way and wants to be part of Am Israel on its journey.

10th of April 2012
18 Nissan 5772 - Third Day of the Omer Count

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