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The Beginning of New Knowledge and my first Steps into Judaism

My Jewish study story began when my Mom and her husband left for Israel for a period of three months. They are both studying for their Giyur and I really wanted to know more about my Mom’s new way of life. So when they left for Israel I took over their lessons with Rabbi Ahron Daum. We started with the “alef bet” and learning the basics of Judaism.
When my Mom and her husband returned my thirst to learn was even bigger than before. So now I still go to Rabbi Ahron Daum for my Hebrew lessons, which he gives with lots of devotion, every week. I can read Hebrew (still a bit slow, but it’s getting better) and my new knowledge about Judaism is growing.
Although I’m not learning for a Giyur, I’m still fascinated by the traditions of Judaism. It’s a great honour to be Rabbi Ahron Daum’s student and that he is willing to pass on his knowledge.
Christina van Miert
2 May 2012 / 10 Iyar 5772

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