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Professional guidance for the Giur according to Halakha at the Beth-Din de Paris (consistory)

15 Shevat 5775
4 februari 2015

Professional guidance for the Giur according to Halakha at the Beth-Din de Paris (consistory).

Two years ago I searched for info on the Giur. Via I ended up at Shlitta professor Rabbi Ahron Daum, B.A. M.S. After an introduction via Skype, I joined Rabbi Ahron Daum.
I did not yet know much about Judaism, but wanted to surprise my Jewish friend surprise by taking up lessons for the Giur.
In the beginning I was very uncertain, but Rabbi Ahron Daum has reassured me at all levels and guided me in the belief to take the lessons. What originally arose out of love for my Jewish partner, has evolved in love for the, then unknown faith. This to promote family harmony on the faith between two future spouses.

The family of my friend provides a stable, religious environment where we can develop future life as pious Jews. It is also known that the family has a long rabbinical tradition.
The lessons are very interesting, structured and carefully prepared and presented .There are no dumb questions, nor are there any subjects of taboo to discuss. Rabbi Ahron Daum prepares each lesson with a personal touch, and provides an answer to all questions. Also current events about Judaism and the people Israel and the State of Israel gets a place in these lessons. The lessons usually follow the rhythm of the Jewish holidays.
Rabbi Ahron Daum made a particularly large emphasis on reading fluently, possibly even error-free, the Siddur and the Machzor. As a result, I am now able to follow the prayers in the Synagogue.
You can be sure of a professional guidance. We follow only 1 time 2 hours per week in class, but there is also the possibility of an even more intensive schedule.

I hope B.H. to shortly be able to finalize the giur and I look with great pleasure to the beginning of my life as a proud daughter of the Jewish people, the Jewish faith and the People of Israel. Buluiding al life in the vibrant Jewish community of Antwerp.

Thank you honorable Rabbi Ahron Daum for all the support and care in recent years,

Joline. Antwerp, Belgium.

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